General Counsel

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Outside General Counsel Services

Bissex & Watson, P.C. believes that the best companies (and law firms) build strong teams and alliances with their employees, suppliers, customers and advisors. With that philosophy in mind, our attorneys work to establish long term relationships with our clients that foster such an alliance in order to see your company or enterprise take advantage of your economic opportunities.

The attorneys at Bissex & Watson, P.C. provide outside general counsel services to companies across a broad range of industries and sizes, including venture-backed companies, start-ups and inter-generational family businesses. In the context of ongoing and daily business and operational activities, we provide advice that is geared toward solving the unique problems presented, but also with an eye on the horizon based on the communicated long term goals of the client. We also have a network of litigators, intellectual property attorneys, employment law attorneys, and other legal specialists as well as a general network of professionals to help you when you are in need.

Given the unique nature of ongoing legal advice and the many different sizes of companies we advise, we take a personalized approach to billing and look for the opportunity to customize our fee-arrangement in a manner that best suits your company’s needs. From standard hourly rates to blended rates and from fixed fee pricing to discounts for longer term and larger engagements, we are confident we are able to provide the high quality on-going legal advice your company or enterprise needs with a fee structure that works for your bottom line.